pub struct Painter {
Show 19 fields canvas: HtmlCanvasElement, context: CanvasRenderingContext2d, selected_idx: Option<BrdIdx>, white_square: JsValue, black_square: JsValue, white_piece: JsValue, black_piece: JsValue, selected_piece: JsValue, white_piece_line: JsValue, black_piece_line: JsValue, selected_piece_line: JsValue, king_line: JsValue, piece_lines: bool, piece_line_proportion: f64, square_outline: JsValue, outline_width: f64, draw_outline: bool, width: u32, height: u32,
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Used to paint boards onto HTML canvases


canvas: HtmlCanvasElementcontext: CanvasRenderingContext2dselected_idx: Option<BrdIdx>white_square: JsValueblack_square: JsValuewhite_piece: JsValueblack_piece: JsValueselected_piece: JsValuewhite_piece_line: JsValueblack_piece_line: JsValueselected_piece_line: JsValueking_line: JsValuepiece_lines: boolpiece_line_proportion: f64square_outline: JsValueoutline_width: f64draw_outline: boolwidth: u32height: u32


Set selected piece by board index

Get a canvas by element ID

Get a 2D canvas context for a given canvas

Default constructor which queries for canvas by ID

Constructor with given canvas element

Set new square outline colour value

Set new line width for outlining squares

Set whether squares are outlined

Reset the canvas dimensions to the given width and height

Check whether given canvas dimensions divide evenly by given board dimenions

Draw a board onto the canvas

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